Father of a 7-year-old girl to fitness rubber braceletskeep suing drug manufacturer

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The father of a 7-year-old girl who died of cancer in Tianjin in 2015 said on Monday that he will exhaust all his means to keep suing Quanjian, the drug manufacturing company whose products allegedly caused the deterioration of the health of his daughter.

The announcement was made two days after local police refused to accept the case filed by Zhou Erli, the father, saying there is not enough evidence to prove his allegations of false advertising.

Zhou Yang, the daughter, had been diagnosed with a rare type of cancer in 2012 and suspended chemotherapy upon the company"s advice. Although the girl"s parents put her back on chemotherapy treatment months after the company"s therapy, which offered her jujube powder and gromwell root oil aromatherapy, the girl died three years later.

The company also included the girl in its commercial campaign to promote its cancer therapy in 2013.

Early in January, local prosecutors approved the arrest of 16 of the company"s staff, including executives suspected of organizing and leading a pyramid scheme.

In 2015, the father sued Quanjian but failed to prove the company was responsible for false marketing. He was also unsuccessful in persuading Quanjian to drop his daughter"s image from its materials after she had died.

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