Railway policemacheap personalized plastic braceletsn enjoys rare family reunion

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Lu Jinpeng reunites with his wife Xu Qiannan and their daughter at Dunyitang Railway Station in Central China‚Äôs Dabie Mountains, Feb 27, 2019. [Photo/Xinhua]

Lu Jinpeng is a policeman at a small railway station in Dabie Mountains in Central China. Lu has not spent the Spring Festival, a traditional occasion for family reunion, with his family in four years.

Lu Jinpeng, 27, came to the Dunyitang Station, a stop along the Hefei-Wuhan Railway Line, upon graduation in 2014. Lu"s main responsibility is ensuring the safe operation of trains.

Despite the fact that the station he works at is only 200 kilometers away from his home in Hefei, Anhui province, it is a luxury for Lu to see his family.

In this year"s Lantern Festival, Lu had a rare opportunity to reunite with his wife Xu Qianna and their 15-month-old daughter at the railway station.

Living apart from his family, Lu said he cherishes the reunion opportunities. He wishes that he can spend more time with his family so that his daughter can grow up happily.

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